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Miracle // Anthony Hall

Loving Me // Anthony Hall ft. Michael Dixon


 Miracle "Live" // Anthony Hall

MY Bio

A New Orleans native, Anthony Hall emerges as an artist with his music roots in Jazz, Funk and R&B. His father being locally renowned jazz artist Emile Hall, Jr., afforded Anthony the opportunity to grow up surrounded and influenced by a wide expanse of music. In turn, he has created a unique sound within infusions of both Modern and Classic R&B, Funk and Soul. Anthony’s vocal texture, tone, and control surprises those who hear him for the first time, placing him squarely in his own lane. He has been blessed to share the stage with numerous artists over the past 20+yrs while also serving as Director of Media and Music in the Houston church community. Anthony not only sings, but is one of the producers on all of his music and co-owner of Vgn Bae Music Group. With all of his life experience in music as a foundation, he is now stepping out to pursue his dream of being an artist… On his terms, with his own sound.

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